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Wiped screen cleaning cloth

item.no. 106823.00Sold out
Sold out
Wiped screen cleaning cloth

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  • Wiped screen cleaning cloth

    Wiped screen cleaning cloth

    From € 0.34 per unit
    • From:  150  pieces
    • Save up to  23% 
    • Material:  polyester 
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Product information

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  • Description

    Tech Screen Cleaning Cloth. Soft touch cloth for cleaning any glass surfaced screens without scratching. It can be used on different kinds of phones and other tech related devices. It is a cut and sew item and therefore sizes may slightly deviate.
  • Features

    Item number: 106823.00
    Brand: Bullet
    Minimum quantity: 150 Unit(s)
    Colour: Black
    Material: polyester
    Length: 15 cm.
    Width: 14 cm.
    Height: 0.10 cm.
    Weight: 90 g.
    Download PDF item
  • Print information

    Print position Max. size in mm Print method Max. number of colours
    Print position body Max. size in mm 100 x 100 Print method digital transfer Max. number of colours -
    Print position body Max. size in mm 100 x 100 Print method transfer Max. number of colours 4
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