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Personalised Balloons

Bright and bold...choose printed balloons and let your name be seen. Order your branded balloons here and let your logo do the rest. Ideal for decoration at open days and exhibitions and perfect for goody bags.
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  • Balloons 35 cm

    Balloons 35 cm

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 94%
    • Material: rubber
    From€ 0.10 per unit
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  • Balloons 27 cm

    Balloons 27 cm

    • From: 1,000 pieces
    • Save up to %
    • Material: rubber
    From€ 0.07 per unit
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  • Balloons 33 cm

    Balloons 33 cm

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to %
    • Material: rubber
    From€ 0.09 per unit
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  • Principe Beer Glass 400 mlNew

    Principe Beer Glass 400 ml

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 42%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 2.30 per unit
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Excellent Based on 165 reviews

Personalised balloons for passing on a festive message

Promotional balloons are essential for parties and celebrations. The association between festivities and balloons is immediate, because balloons and parties simply always go together. You can make fantastic decorations with balloons, including balloon figures and balloon arches. Promotional balloons can be used at all sorts of events and types of occasions. Have cheap personalised balloons printed for your promotion, because the possibilities are simply enormous.

IGO-POST can supply personalised balloons for every type of occasion

Do you hold open days? Do you celebrate anniversaries or jubilees? Do hold staff parties, or run stands at fairs and shows, or do you organise events? Have balloons cheaply printed with your logo, because promotional balloons form an essential part of the decorations. Our balloons are available in all sorts of colours, including metallic and are good quality because they are made from pure latex. The entire range of balloons is suitable for filling with helium gas and they will remain full for approximately eight hours. 

A colourful and attractive promotion? Order cheap personalised balloons!

Promotional balloons with a logo have even more effect in promoting your name or brand. Printed balloons are not exactly promotional or corporate gifts, but instead they are called giveaways or premiums, just like lighters and key rings printed with logos. Balloons carry the message. Printed balloons inform immediately about the actual occasion. Cheap personalised balloons and allow you to extend the scope of your promotion. Have your balloons cheaply printed and hand them out to the children. They will extend your promotion without any extra effort on your part.

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