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Personalised Candles

Candles create a cosy atmosphere within the home. Surprise your customer with a scented candle, printed with your company name or logo. Brighten the relationship between you and your customer.
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  • CandleTin fragrance candle

    CandleTin fragrance candle

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    • Material: metal
    From€ 0.73 per unit
  • Pleasant fragrance set

    Pleasant fragrance set

    • From: 30 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 1.27 per unit
  • Hills 4-piece scented candle set

    Hills 4-piece scented candle set

    • From: 25 pieces
    • Save up to 23%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 9.83 per unit
  • Floyd 2-piece LED candle set

    Floyd 2-piece LED candle set

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 23%
    • Material: ABS
    From€ 3.39 per unit
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Do you want to give away a candle with your logo as a corporate gift?

IGO does not literally offer you a candle with logo but we do offer excellent alternatives. By combining candles with candleholders you create an elegant candle set and thus an attractive corporate gift. You can use a personalised set of candles for various promotional objectives. Candles are used in various settings by many people. The scented candles with logo, the personalised set of scented candles produced with home fragrance and the personalised set of candles are more popular than ever.

Candles with logo and other attractive corporate gifts

Do you want to give away candles with your logo as an elegant corporate gift? You can upgrade a personalised set of candles with a quality lighter. You will find a wide variety of lighters in our Home & Living category; from handy disposable lighters to luxury lighters. In addition to personalised scented candles in a tin or a complete set of personalised candles with your logo, there are many attractive cups and mugs that radiate a sense of warmth within the home.

Gift wrappings for candles with logo

The personalised candles in our collection are delivered gift-wrapped. We do not print the candle with your logo, but provide the wrapping with a beautiful sticker of your print in full colour. If you select personalised candles in a tin your logo will be printed on the lid. This way you will be giving a surprising corporate gift with a pleasant set of scented candles or a personalised candle set. So go for a set of attractive candles printed with your name and logo for a warm-hearted promotion characterised by scents and colours.

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