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Promotional Fitness Trackers | Fitness Gifts

Encourage a healthy life while promoting your brand with personalised fitness trackers. It’s the perfect promotional gift for customers, partners and employees that love to do sports - or just keep track of their daily activities.

At IGO Promo, you will find a great selection of promotional fitness trackers that will allow them to track their exercise, travelled distance and burned calories, but also monitor their hours of sleep, heart rate and even blood pressure. Have a look! ⬇️
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  • Sports Bracelet

    Sports Bracelet

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: neoprene
    From€ 1.80 per unit
  • Fit-Boost Smart Watch

    Fit-Boost Smart Watch

    • From: 10 pieces
    • Save up to 16%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 29.73 per unit
  • SportsCompanion armband

    SportsCompanion armband

    • From: 20 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 2.99 per unit
  • Keiko Activity TrackerNew

    Keiko Activity Tracker

    • From: 25 pieces
    • Save up to 16%
    • Material: silicon
    From€ 15.64 per unit
  • Pedometer bracelet

    Pedometer bracelet

    • From: 5 pieces
    • Save up to 27%
    • Material: ABS
    From€ 2.51 per unit
  • RoundBracy


    • From: 3 pieces
    • Save up to 33%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 19.21 per unit
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Audio items with logo is like music to the ears

Promoting with audio items must evoke a positive response in people that you target with your promotion. Music is timeless. Whereas in the past music could only be heard on speakers of the radio and TV, nowadays, people have and want the option to listen to music anywhere, anytime. That is why printed audio items are highly desired and make effective promotional items. Furthermore, they are suitable for almost any target group.

Promoting with audio items is always effective

IGO-POST has selected various printed audio items with which you can promote your name or brand over a long period. It is extremely easy to select and listen to your favourite music. Smartphones can be connected to the speakers in our collection in a trice. The speakers have surprisingly good sound and are an eye-catcher. Earphones are indispensable for individual listening to music.

Printed audio items for a long-term promotion

Do you want your name or logo to be seen day in, day out? Hand out printed earphones at festivals, fairs, events or open days. Do you want to surprise your customers with a pretty and functional corporate gift? Check out our speakers and other audio items or the items in our Touch and Power category.

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