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Personalised Beach Balls

Sending a summer themed direct mail? A printed beach ball is a great gift thanks to its compact dimensions. Bright and bold...choose colourful beach balls, branded with your logo, for your next promotion!
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  • BeachBall Ø 28 cmNew

    BeachBall Ø 28 cm

    From€ 0.54 per unit
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  • BeachBall Ø 30 cm

    BeachBall Ø 30 cm

    From€ 0.63 per unit
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  • BeachBall Ø 24 cm

    BeachBall Ø 24 cm

    From€ 0.48 per unit
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  • BeachBall Solid Ø 40 cmNew

    BeachBall Solid Ø 40 cm

    From€ 0.96 per unit
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Personalised golf balls for a successful promotion

Sport plays an important part in the lives of many of your customers. That’s why sporting items make ideal promotional gifts. Golf is a popular sport and the amount of people participating in it is increasing dramatically. The golf course is also an excellent place for business meetings and encounters. Do your contacts hit a ball around on the golf course from time to time? Have personalised golf balls printed with your logo and hand out the logo golf balls to your customers. By handing out personalised golf tees you are promoting your business and its products in a relaxed and informal manner.

Have good quality personalised golf balls printed

The favourite logo golf balls are made by Titleist or Pinnacle. This is logical because both these brands represent quality. Giving away personalised golf balls and personalised golf tees means that having to mark the golf balls with a market pen for identification on the course is no longer necessary. Your personalised golf tees will be easily recognised. That’s why personalised golf tees are so popular and personalised golf balls are gratefully received by your customers We can print your personalised golf balls in various colours. Moreover, our prices for personalised golf balls include printing in one colour.

Personalised golf balls for sponsored tournaments

The more that logo golf balls are used on golf courses, the more often your company or brand gets exposure. An effective promotion would be sponsoring a golf tournament with your logo golf balls and personalised golf tees. Would you like to focus on more articles than just logo golf balls or other golfing articles? Then find out if your customers travel to the golf course by car or bicycle. There are many car and bicycle accessories printed with logos that you can order. This way you can pleasantly surprise your customers in novel way.

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