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Personalised Calculators

Want your customers to count on you? Then choose to promote with branded calculators... a must have for any desk and office.  The collection varies from the fun and quirky FlexCount calculator to the practical and stylish DeskMate calculator. These popular office supplies are used for a long time, therefore you brand remains in the spotlight for longer.
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  • Snaplock calculatorBest Price

    Snaplock calculator

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 50%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From€ 1.21 per unit
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  • DesignFolio A5 document folder

    DesignFolio A5 document folder

    • From: 10 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    From€ 6.16 per unit
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  • Design Organiser A4 folder

    Design Organiser A4 folder

    • From: 5 pieces
    • Save up to 32%
    From€ 13.30 per unit
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  • Alpha A4 document folder

    Alpha A4 document folder

    • From: 10 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    From€ 6.40 per unit
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  • StreamLine calculatorBest Seller

    StreamLine calculator

    • From: 25 pieces
    • Save up to 51%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From€ 1.59 per unit
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  • FlexCount calculator25% Discount

    FlexCount calculator

    • From: 20 pieces
    • Save up to 46%
    • Material: rubber
    From€ 2.35 € 1.76 per unit
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  • TucsonPresident A4 document folder

    TucsonPresident A4 document folder

    • From: 4 pieces
    • Save up to 26%
    • Material: leather
    From€ 22.40 per unit
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Print calculators online so you can bank on a successful promotion

Calculators, or adding machines, are used everywhere. In the office and at home or school there is always a calculator to hand.  Therefore promotional calculators are always in demand. Have calculators online printed with your name or logo. Cheap calculators with printing come in all shapes and sizes, from desk calculators to pocket or credit-card sized promotional calculators, fitting perfectly into writing or briefcases

Order printed calculators online and hand them out as corporate gifts

Because promotional calculators are something that everybody uses, it is just the perfect promotional or corporate gift. There’s loads of choice among all the different models – from trendy to stylish. Order printed calculators online in combination with notebooks and memo pads, or perhaps you prefer to print the multifunctional calculators online? You will find calculators in all price ranges and promotional calculators make the perfect corporate gift.

Printed calculators online with a logo

Are you looking for office articles with a logo, then cheap calculators are well worth considering. Apart from that, there’s lot’s of office articles you use for promotional campaigns or for increasing awareness of your house style.  In addition to cheap calculators, there are also memo blocks that are perfect for carrying your logo. But if you want to promote your company, logo or name both internally and externally, then have the original Post-it® notes printed. This is an article that is always fully appreciated and used every day. 

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