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Personalised Picture Frames

Get your promotion in the frame with branded desk photo frames. Your business relation will always be reminded of your company and your contact details will on their desk.
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  • Mousepad-Insert


    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 0.96 per unit
  • Clip photo/memo holder

    Clip photo/memo holder

    • From: 144 pieces
    • Save up to 36%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 0.34 per unit
  • SnowPicture paperweight

    SnowPicture paperweight

    • From: 18 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 2.54 per unit
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Printed photo accessories as a personal corporate gift

Corporate gifts are marketing tools par excellence for retaining existing business contacts and even for strengthening these contacts. A well-chosen corporate gift can have a great and positive impact on the relationship with your target groups. You can strengthen your relationship with customers by addressing your target group in a very personal way.

A nice corporate gift? Have photo accessories printed with a photo

Customers always like receiving something and a nice gift is always received with a smile. If you have a good relationship with your customers and if you opt for a corporate gift with a personal touch, then it is definitely worthwhile to consider giving printed photo accessories. In our home category you will also find attractive personal gifts.

Great moments are kept in original photo accessories

When you give one of our printed photo accessories, you are giving a personal corporate gift. You can print on the picture frames and insert photos of your product or company. Think of corporate gifts such as a calculator with photo holder or a picture frame/clock that also serves as a desk display. With these decorative photo holders with print you will be spreading a business message with a personal touch.

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