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Personalised Writing sets

Create a lasting impression with a stylish printed writing set. There are several combinations including a pen with a rollerball pen or a pen with a pencil. Complete your writing set with a matching gift box.
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  • Ebony Set writing set

    Ebony Set writing set

    From€ 0.95 per unit
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  • Zeppelin writing set

    Zeppelin writing set

    From€ 1.70 per unit
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  • MasterClass writing set

    MasterClass writing set

    From€ 13.86 per unit
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  • Gentle Touch writing set

    Gentle Touch writing set

    From€ 3.46 per unit
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  • NovaSet writing set

    NovaSet writing set

    From€ 3.21 per unit
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  • MasterMind writing setOutlet

    MasterMind writing set

    From€ 4.60 € 3.91 per unit
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  • BlackJack writing set

    BlackJack writing set

    From€ 4.80 per unit
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  • Cork Pen Set pen set

    Cork Pen Set pen set

    From€ 4.57 per unit
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  • PrincetonDouble writing set

    PrincetonDouble writing set

    From€ 11.76 per unit
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  • PrincipalDuo writing set

    PrincipalDuo writing set

    From€ 3.50 per unit
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  • ChicagoBlackSet writing set

    ChicagoBlackSet writing set

    From€ 1.94 per unit
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  • Screech 4-piece chalk setNew

    Screech 4-piece chalk set

    From€ 0.92 per unit
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Great Based on 151 reviews

Writing sets; corporate gifts that are always welcome

You would like to present your customer with a corporate gift. You are looking for a competitively priced gift that will make a good impression.  Moreover, it would be nice if the corporate gift suited every type of customer or occasion. A writing set is just such a gift.  You can present your customer with a writing set for virtually any occasion.  Whether it’s to say thank you, or to congratulate somebody, or show appreciation, or to mark an event such as the signing of a document, the writing set will always be a success.

Enormous selection of writing sets UK

Pens remain the most popular promotional gift. Do you want promotional pens with your logo, or perhaps you would prefer something a little more substantial such as a printed writing set? IGO has an extensive collection of writing sets UK  in all sorts of models and price ranges. Most writing sets consist of a ballpoint pen and a propelling pencil, although there are more combinations available of writing sets UK including with fountain pens, roller pens or even highlighters. The writing sets UK start at low prices, but for specific occasions or special customers you can also choose a deluxe writing set from well-known brands such as Parker and Waterman.

Writing sets UK with printing on the writing instruments or case

The writing sets are all supplied with a matching case in various finishes. We can print the writing sets for you either on both holders, next to both clips, or on the case, depending on your preferences and also what’s possible. We can also apply laser engraving to some of the writing sets UK, which makes a writing set look even more prestigious. Would you like to have writing sets as give-aways?  Take a look at our extensive collection. Apart from writing sets and promotional colour pencils we can also print highlighters, propelling pencils and multi-colour pens.

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