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Personalised Multifunctional pens

Easily switch between writing on paper and operating your smartphone. Multifunctional pens are a great solution to your promotional needs. Browse the collection of pens with laser pointers, pens with bright LED lights and pens with a stylus. Our collection includes a range of colours and styles.
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  • TouchDown touchpen

    TouchDown touchpen

    From€ 0.21 per unit
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  • TripleTouch penBest Seller

    TripleTouch pen

    From€ 0.42 per unit
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  • StylusTouch penBest Seller

    StylusTouch pen

    From€ 0.47 per unit
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  • MultiTouch 4-in-1 pen

    MultiTouch 4-in-1 pen

    From€ 1.60 per unit
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  • Quintet 5-in-1 pen pencil

    Quintet 5-in-1 pen pencil

    From€ 0.59 per unit
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  • WriteLight Flashlight

    WriteLight Flashlight

    From€ 0.52 per unit
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  • Nash stylus ballpoint pen and highlighter

    Nash stylus ballpoint pen and highlighter

    From€ 0.50 per unit
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  • Quattro Colour pen

    Quattro Colour pen

    From€ 0.24 per unit
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  • TouchTip pen20% Discount

    TouchTip pen

    From€ 0.35 € 0.28 per unit
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  • USB Write pen/memory stick

    USB Write pen/memory stick

    From€ 3.41 per unit
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  • ExclusiveTouch pen

    ExclusiveTouch pen

    From€ 1.02 per unit
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  • Casablanca 4-in-1 ballpoint pen

    Casablanca 4-in-1 ballpoint pen

    From€ 2.79 per unit
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Laser pens UK, more than just writing

A lot of pens in our collection have a multiplicity of uses – multifunctional promotional pens. There’s pens with rubber pointers, pens combined with promotional highlighters and even pens with a little torch. Laser pointers, also called laser etching pens, are also very popular. The laser etching pens in our collection have a whole range of functions. This makes the laser etching pen an attractive corporate gift.

Surprise your contacts with laser etching pens 

Laser pens UK is not just a pen. The super functionality of the multifunctional laser etching pens make them very popular. It’s the laser function that makes the pen so attractive. With the laser pointer your customer can very easily point out information during presentations given on whiteboards or projector screens. Apart from that, laser etching pens have many more useful functions. Laser etching pens are attractively priced and supplied in an smart presentation box, complete with button batteries.

Multifunctional laser etching pens if you’re looking for all-in-one gifts

Writing instruments are always popular gifts to hand out. For children’s promotions you can have colour sets with logo printed, and for virtually all your contacts or employees you can order promotional pens. But if you would like to give your customers something special that’ll promote your company over a longer period of time, then laser pens UK are much appreciated gifts. We can etch your name and logo very accurately on the laser pens UK. With the laser pens UK you always leave behind an indelible impression.

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