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Personalised Crayons

Think colourful, think bright...promote with eye-catching colour pencils, paint sets and crayons.  Fun and inexpensive promotional items, ideal for use within schools and nurseries. Choose colouring sets, printed with your logo for a winning promotion.
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  • Pastelli coloured pencils

    Pastelli coloured pencils

    From€ 0.31 per unit
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  • ColourTube pencils

    ColourTube pencils

    From€ 0.22 per unit
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  • SixColour coloured pencils

    SixColour coloured pencils

    From€ 0.15 per unit
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  • MagicCrayon


    From€ 0.26 per unit
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  • ColourJoy crayons

    ColourJoy crayons

    From€ 0.42 per unit
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  • ColourWoody coloured pencils

    ColourWoody coloured pencils

    From€ 0.80 per unit
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  • NewTalent colour set

    NewTalent colour set

    From€ 2.15 per unit
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  • MasterOfArt colour set

    MasterOfArt colour set

    From€ 5.85 per unit
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  • YoungArtist Colouring Set

    YoungArtist Colouring Set

    From€ 0.91 per unit
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  • LiniBox colouring pencils

    LiniBox colouring pencils

    From€ 1.28 per unit
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Colour sets with logo as promotional gifts

Looking for colourful corporate gifts? IGO-POST keeps a range of colour sets in its collection. It also has a range of promotional highlighters in various colour combinations. Colourful promotional products at an attractive price. There is a variety of packaging for the colour sets. The promotional colour sets can come packaged in a case or a tin box for example. Order the original colour sets with logo so that your company logo stands out.

Various types of packaging for colour sets with logo

The colour pencils supplied by IGO-POST are good quality. You can choose from unvarnished printed promotional colour sets with logo or varnished promotional colour sets. As well as printed promotional colour sets there are also colour sets in the style of original painting sets. Do you want to use colour for promoting to teenagers and adults? Then you might choose multifunctional promotional pens such as the pen with different coloured inks, or the pen that is combined with a highlighter. All promotional pens are printed expertly and delivered quickly, just as with the colour sets with logo.

Have colour sets with logos printed and promotion becomes child’s play

Promotional colour sets can be used for a wide range of promotions. Printed colour sets are normally used for promoting to children. Have colour sets with logo printed and use them as promotional gifts in schools, hospitals, crèches, camp sites and during the school holidays. Have colour sets with logo printed for a relatively low-cost promotion of your name or brand over a long period. By distributing promotional colour sets among children, your message will always end up being seen by the parents as well. This means that with promotional colour sets you will probably reach more people than you originally thought possible.

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