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Personalised Desk- & Wall clocks

Create many contact moments with branded desk and wall clocks. With just one investment your brand and logo will be seen at every glance of the clock. Choose a desk clock as a gift of appreciation for your customers or business contacts. Our collection offers a range of desk clocks and wall clocks suitable for your next promotional campaign.
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The time is right for a clock with a logo

Time is an important factor in our lives. Everything revolves around time, because time is money. That is why everywhere time is visible and why it plays a role in everything we do. On average, people look at a clock or watch dozens of times a day. A good reason to give away a clock with a logo as a corporate gift. Have clocks printed with your logo and you will know for sure that every glance at the clock is a contact moment. The more contact moments, the more familiar your logo becomes to the user.

A clock with a logo: a daily eye-catcher

A desk clock is a widely used item. Often, a desk clock has a digital display that shows the date in addition to the time. Furthermore, desk clocks are often combined with a picture frame, desk display or weather station, making it a multi-purpose item. It might be worthwhile to print clocks for a wide target group. Needless to say, if you print a clock with your logo, your promotion receives more than just average attention.

A clock with a logo as a playful reference to the receiver

If you want to give a time-related item, such as a desk clock, wall clock or watch, then we can print the watches or clocks with your logo. But these items can also be printed with a nice slogan related to time: ‘time for customers – free time – time is money – take your time – win time’. We offer an attractive collection of clocks, from world-time clocks to environmentally-friendly clocks. When giving a clock with a logo you will be giving a perfect eye-catcher.

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