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Personalised Safety clothing

Help your customers to stand out and be seen! Safety clothing is vital within a busy workplace. Our collection includes safety vests, high visibility caps and polo shirts. Browse the range...
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    SafetyFirst safety vest

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Printed safety vests when you opt for safety

Safety plays an important role in the well-being of your customers and employees. If you want what’s best for them, then you will want them to use the roads safely and to be properly visible during outside work activities. That is why IGO-POST offers jackets, body warmers and caps in fluorescent colours and with reflective details. With these noticeable clothes and with printed safety vests, the road users as well as your promotion are clearly visible!

Printed safety vests for optimal traffic safety

The safety vests have become an integral part of European traffic safety. In various European countries it is even mandatory to have one or several safety vests in the car, so that people are clearly visible in cases of car trouble. Printed safety vests are therefore clever promotional items. After all, everyone has them. Printed safety vests will do justice to your logo or name. In addition, printed safety vests can be perfectly combined with other safety items.

Printed safety vests for all ages

The safety vests are available in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange. Our printed safety vests are produced according to European standards and offer extra safety thanks to the two broad reflective stripes. In addition to printed safety vests for adults, we also offer printed safety vests for children. These printed safety vests increase the safety of children during outdoor activities.

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