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Personalised Drinking glasses

Let your brand stand out crystal clear with printed glassware. Our diverse collection includes champagne flutes, beer glasses and candy jars. Ideal for use within the hospitality industry...let your logo be seen for all the right reasons!
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  • Bouquet Wine Glass 290 ml

    Bouquet Wine Glass 290 ml

    • From: 24 pieces
    • Save up to 44%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 2.40 per unit
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  • Beer Tankard Extra Large 540 ml

    Beer Tankard Extra Large 540 ml

    • From: 48 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 3.21 per unit
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  • Longdrink glass

    Longdrink glass

    • From: 96 pieces
    • Save up to 43%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 0.55 per unit
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  • Beer Glass Munich

    Beer Glass Munich

    • From: 36 pieces
    • Save up to 59%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 1.73 per unit
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  • Beer Glass 350 ml

    Beer Glass 350 ml

    • From: 72 pieces
    • Save up to 45%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 0.69 per unit
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  • Beer Tankard Large 400 ml

    Beer Tankard Large 400 ml

    • From: 48 pieces
    • Save up to 52%
    • Material: glass
    From€ 1.46 per unit
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  • Wine Tritan plastic Wine Glass

    Wine Tritan plastic Wine Glass

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 39%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 3.48 per unit
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Printed glassware for optimal promotion

By serving a drink in a printed wine glass, printed beer glass or printed long drink glass, your name catches the eye immediately. In the catering business, printed glassware is the ultimate promotion tool. At a party, on the terrace or at the table, a glass with a logo really stands out. You can decide to have your name and/or logo printed on glasses in simple black and white, or you can have glasses printed with an eye-catching full-colour print.

Printed glassware can be used everywhere

Drinking glasses with print are not only used in the catering business. Also in sports canteens, schools, hospitals and companies, drinks are poured into printed glasses. Coffee and tea are also served in cups and saucers or mugs that are printed with a logo. With printed glassware and printed crockery your name will be seen time after time for many years to come.

Printed glassware as timeless corporate gifts

Corporate gifts made of glass are timeless and therefore popular. Glass products are a joy both to give and to receive, which makes glass items a great gift. For example, a glass carafe is a lovely gift that fits any interior. A printed glass candy jar can be given away with all sorts of surprises inside. Printed glasses and other glass items are naturally securely packaged for transport.

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