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Sustainability at IGO
Within the IGO range, we easily highlight with which items you make green choices. You can read below how to recognize them exactly.

Sustainable product
At IGO we are working hard to take increasingly green steps and to include you as a customer in our sustainable journey. For example, with various products you will find an icon with a leaf or a leaf with a plus sign. The leaf stands for all products in our range that are made from new, but natural, material. The leaf with a plus sign stands for all these products being made from recycled material. Material that has already been used and has been processed into a new product.

Sustainable printing
Our printing techniques are being continuously innovated and more sustainable. The most environmentally friendly technique at the moment is laser graving a promotional product. No chemicals are used here. In addition, we are steadily working on developing other techniques that require sustainable ink, by using nonartificial, completely organic, ink.

Sustainable shipping
At IGO we have already planted more than 125.000+ trees and we continue to do so with every incoming order. With this we compensate part of the CO2 that is released during the shipment of all orders. We also recycle the packaging material where possible so that as little unnecessary waste as possible remains.

Walk our green path
Open the daily news, a social media channel or turn a page of a weekly magazine: sustainability is a relevant and much-discussed topic.
And with good reason; Sustainability is not only about securing the globe for the upcoming years,
but also about protecting the world so that we can pass on a healthy planet to future generations.

At IGO, we understand the magnitude of humanity's impact on this, which is why we stand up for sustainability.
We work hard to motivate and simplify the steps you can take at IGO, and ultimately to opt for a green gift with a beautiful story.

How we prosper IGO Green?

One Tree Planted:
we plant trees with your order!

Together with One Tree Planted we can plant trees for every order you place. We donate trees all over the world. The larger the order is, the more trees will be planted. How great is that? Maybe you will help plant trees on the other side of the world!

"Partnering with IGO Promo helps us plant trees, which is one of the best ways to mitigate the effects of climate change, create healthy habitats for biodiversity and strengthen local communities. With the continued support of IGO Promo, we can positively impact our nature, people and animals for years to come."

- Diana Chaplin, One Tree Planted

Planting a tree for every order… How about that?
We are proud that we plant around 50,000 trees around the world every year together with our tree partner One Tree Planted. Do we then have 50,000 orders annually? Well, strictly speaking it's a bit different, we have a calculation model that plants an X number of trees based on our turnover. We have applied this calculation module (as far as possible) in every product page. It calculates how many trees we plant for your specific order. This means that we plant an average of 1.5 to 2 trees per order.

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Sustainable offer
At IGO we are regularly working to make all processes greener, including our range. That is why our category management department carefully selects our products and there is an increasing emphasis on green products. For example, at IGO we work with various sustainable materials and printing techniques. Would you like more information about this? Read it here!

So contribute to a better planet and think about sustainable steps. Together we can make the difference. Choose our sustainable range from the IGO Green collection.

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