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Branded Notebooks

We all enjoy writing things down on paper: notes, thoughts or sketches. Take advantage of this when promoting your brand. Branded notebooks are great promotional products to increase visibility and brand awareness: print your logo and distribute them among customers, partners, suppliers and employees. You can also use printed notebooks to brand your own office environment. The choice is yours! ✌️
✔️ At IGO Promo, you’ll find a wide selection with multiple colours and sizes: A4, A5, A6, A7
✔️ Check out our eco-friendly and recycled notebooks made of cardboard, bamboo or cork
✔️ Order your branded notebooks in small quantities, starting from 20 units

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  • Recycle Note-L notebook

    Recycle Note-L notebook

    From€ 0.90 per unit
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  • Pocket Notebook A6Best Seller

    Pocket Notebook A6

    From€ 0.74 per unit
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  • Pocket Notebook A5

    Pocket Notebook A5

    From€ 1.54 per unit
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  • SilverNoteBest Seller


    From€ 0.63 per unit
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  • Notepad A4Best Seller

    Notepad A4

    From€ 0.89 per unit
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  • Notepad A5Best Seller

    Notepad A5

    From€ 0.52 per unit
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  • NoteBook A5 notebook

    NoteBook A5 notebook

    From€ 1.23 per unit
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  • Notepad A6Best Seller

    Notepad A6

    From€ 0.25 per unit
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  • MemoBox note block

    MemoBox note block

    From€ 1.75 per unit
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  • MultiMemo desk set

    MultiMemo desk set

    From€ 1.06 per unit
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  • NoteBook A6 notebook

    NoteBook A6 notebook

    From€ 0.79 per unit
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  • RecycleNote-M notebook

    RecycleNote-M notebook

    From€ 0.63 per unit
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Branded notebooks · Spread the word

Branded notebooks are excellent promotional products to distribute at events, trade fairs and open days. Print your logo on them and spread the word about your brand. Notebooks can be found on almost every office and student desk, so your receivers will surely appreciate the gift and carry it around.

At IGO Promo, you will find a wide selection of promotional notebooks with multiple colours, sizes (A4, A5, A6, A7) and styles available. Do you prefer your notebooks with spiral bounds or elastic fasteners? With hard plastic covers or recycled covers? With cream lined paper or white paper? Check out our assortment and choose the notebooks that better represent your brand’s identity.

Printed notebooks · Brand your office and increase productivity

Printed notebooks are great promotional stationary products to brand your workplace. Make sure to order your corporate notebooks with logo and distribute them among colleagues and employees. It’ll contribute to internally grow your brand authority and your employees’ sense of belonging.

Printed notebooks are also useful to take down notes on meetings, write personal thoughts and ideas and doodle while looking for inspiration. Get your promotional notebooks and you will increase productivity whilst branding your office. Looking for new ideas? Our sales team will gladly assess you during the buying process. Feel free to send an email to; or give us a call at 1850 812 813.

Eco-friendly notebooks · Show your commitment to the environment

When promoting your brand, it’s important to send the right message about your company values. Take this opportunity to show your commitment to the environment. At IGO Promo, you will find a great selection of eco-friendly and recycled branded notebooks to give away during your promotional campaigns.

Get your printed notebooks with recycled paper and eco-friendly covers made of bamboo, cork or cardboard. You will contribute to the preservation of the planet, promote a “green” awareness and increase brand visibility at the same time. Combine your printed recycled notebooks with more eco-friendly promotional products from our assortment and craft the perfect promotional environmentally friendly set.

Branded notepads · DTake your notes with personality

There’s something special about writing things down on paper. We love it - and your clients, partners and employees love it as well. Give them notepads with your logo, and your brand will accompany them whenever they take a quick note, attend an important meeting or enjoy their daily creativity moments. Branded notepads are also great promotional items to give to your own colleagues and employees and brand your office environment.

At IGO Promo, personalised notepads are available in all shapes and sizes (A4, A5, A6 and A7). Combine your notepads with our printed pens - and create the perfect office writing sets to give away!

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