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Senz Personalised Corporate Gifts

The aerodynamic shape of the Senz® umbrellas allows the best position to restrict the wind. Due to the carefully shaped design, your view is not restricted.  Therefore this umbrella is both practical but also comfortable to use. Through excellent design and build quality, these umbrellas can withstand even force 10 winds.
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  • Senz Automatic storm umbrella

    Senz Automatic storm umbrella

    • From: 3 pieces
    • Save up to 47%
    • Material: nylon
    From€ 26.66 per unit
  • Senz Smart stormumbrella

    Senz Smart stormumbrella

    • From: 3 pieces
    • Save up to 29%
    • Material: nylon
    From€ 19.16 per unit
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