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Sales and Delivery Terms and Conditions

Payment terms and conditions
We offer our customers 14 days of credit given they have a positive credit assessment.

Satisfaction guarantee
We do our absolute best to accommodate the wants and needs of our customers. Therefore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Should your products or the printing on the items not live up to your expectations, we will arrange collection of the items at no cost to you and will send newly amended items that meet your standard.

To ensure we handle a complaint efficiently, we will request visual documentation together with a brief description of the situation sent via email.

Should we unexpectedly be unable to provide a better result or if a reproduction is impossible due to a previously determined delivery date, all costs regarding the order will be credited.

Please take note of the following reservations:
  • Not applicable for objections received later than 3 standard working days after delivery.
  • Not applicable for spelling and setup mistakes previously approved by the customer in accordance with our digital print sample.
  • Not applicable for the general level of quality of a product, if the customer has not used our sample product service.
  • Not applicable for various sized assortment orders of textile products.
  • Not applicable for services such as sample product orders and orders without print. 
Time of delivery
The set forth time of delivery is effectively the time of dispatch from our European main warehouse. This is calculated from the date of which the sample print was approved. The guiding and average time of transportation for both packaging and pallet shipments is 2-4 standard working days*.

More information
We kindly ask that you keep in mind that upon initial inquiry of an offer, sample request or processing of an order, you are automatically added to our email list. We consider this approach to communication a more efficient tool for informing our customers about new services, products and pricing offers and of course you can always and easily unsubscribed from our email list. All prices are excl. VAT, freight and local taxes. We take precautions for products out of stock and possible print errors.

We only provide sales services to registered companies and not private individuals.

For additional information please refer to our general Terms and Conditions.

*Delivery times mentioned are for countries within mainland Europe. Please note that islands can have longer delivery times.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

1850 812 813
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 (Fri 16:00)

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