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Personalised Wheater Stations

The weather is often a popular topic of discussion, so why not link your next promotion to the weather? Our range of weather stations display not only the temperature and air pressure but also incorporate clock and alarm functions. Offers printed weather stations to your customers and employees and give your brand the recognition it deserves.
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Printed weather stations for daily promotion

The weather is always a topic of conversation. Whether it’s summer or winter, we always like to know what is awaiting us. That way we can travel well-prepared or plan our schedule. Your customers think the same way. Is it going to rain, should they be cautious of slippery roads or is it time to bring out their sunglasses? Printed weather stations let them know. A weather station with logo is a nice gift to receive and nice to give away.

Printed weather stations for a durable promotion

A weather station is a daily eye-catcher. Our weather stations with logo have various functions. The digital display shows not only the weather forecast, but also the date, time and temperature. In addition, most weather stations with logo also have an alarm. A weather station with your logo standing on a desk or in the living room will be definitely looked at on a daily basis. Which means that your logo is seen on a daily basis.

Have weather stations printed for your business contacts

Printed weather stations are available in various prices. People are always glad to receive them and therefore they are extremely suitable as corporate gifts for men and women alike. With a printed weather station you will be giving a gift that can be used daily and that is something your customers will appreciate. A printed weather station is always the perfect gift. Do you want a different gift with which your name or brand will be seen several times a day? Check out our collection of watches and desktop/wall clocks.

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