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At IGO Promo, you can order helium balloons inexpensively for all your festive occasions. You might have noticed that helium balloons are making a comeback at open days, jubilees, anniversaries, staff parties, fairs and events. Having the helium balloons printed with your logo or brand will also serve your promotional purposes. At IGO Promo, you can order helium balloons inexpensively in various colours and sizes. The cheap helium balloons are delivered in an assorted fashion, in other words, a mix of various colours. Ordering your helium balloons in one colour is also possible.

  • Balloons 35 cm

    Balloons 35 cm

    • From:  50  pieces
    • Material:  rubber 
    From€ 0.10 per unit

Order helium balloons with print

If you have helium balloons printed then you immediately express the right message. You can choose to print helium balloons and hand them out, you can choose to use helium balloons to decorate the place where you express your message, but you can also choose to print helium balloons and release them into the air. Do you want to helium balloons printed? Then IGO Promo is the place for you. We will print your helium balloons professionally so that your message is depicted on the helium balloons in a crystal clear way.

Order high-quality helium balloons at IGO Promo

In our web shop you can order inexpensive helium balloons. You can choose from balloons in various colours, including metallic colours. The inexpensive helium balloons are made of very high-quality latex. Our balloons are suitable for filling with helium gas. When filled they last for about 8 hours. You can order printed helium balloons fast and easily. Go to our web shop and order inexpensive helium balloons online. The printed balloons will be delivered as quickly as possible.

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