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At IGO Promo you can get rulers in various lengths: 10 centimetres, 20 centimetres and 30 centimetres. Some of the rulers also have the measurement in inches. A printed ruler is available in wood or plastic. Some rulers have additional functions: a ruler with calculator, a ruler with laser pointer and a ruler with inlaid metal strip. As you can see, the printed ruler come in various models and are suitable for various target groups.

  • WoodRuler


    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 54%
    • Material: wood
    From€ 0.42 per unit
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  • Liner ruler

    Liner ruler

    • From: 150 pieces
    • Save up to 53%
    • Material: plastic
    From€ 0.26 per unit
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  • LiniBox colouring pencils

    LiniBox colouring pencils

    • From: 48 pieces
    • Save up to 56%
    • Material: wood
    From€ 1.28 per unit
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  • Remember bookmarkerBest Seller

    Remember bookmarker

    • From: 250 pieces
    • Save up to 45%
    • Material: paper
    From€ 0.26 per unit
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For functional and promotional office accessories, have rulers imprinted!

Office accessories with logo can be used very effectively for your internal branding. Having your office accessories and desk items imprinted with your company name or logo gives you a corporate identity that runs like a leitmotif through your company. The possibilities are endless. Take for example desk calendars, printed pens, notepads with logo, printed mouse pads and rulers with imprints. There are still many more items among the office accessories that can be provided with a print. When your employees are working at their desks, they can see the company name and logo everywhere around them. This will have a positive effect on your employees and at the same time, it will serve as a visiting card for your visitors.

Printing rulers for various target groups

If you are thinking about printing on rulers, which target groups come to mind? As stated, a printed ruler is a perfect office accessory. The target group that also come to mind immediately are schools. Every student uses a ruler. If you have rulers imprinted for this target group, then a colour imprint makes the best impression. Your customers also use office accessories in their homes, including printed rulers. A printed calculator, a handy desk clock, paperclips with logo or printed notebooks are handy and indispensable in a family.

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