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Hugo Boss Exclusive Business Gifts

We are proud to invite you in to view some of the worlds most elegant and refined branded executive gifts on this planet – the Hugo Boss collection. From stylish pens and notepads to USB keyrings, umbrellas, and even wine sets, this page shows you beautiful examples of what happens when you mix function with great design. Below are some examples of great-looking writing instruments, stationery, accessories, and gifts. These products are for the hardest working business owners, that still finds the time to enjoy the subtle elegance found in stunning design. The documents you sign just feels so much better when it's signed with a luxurious, classical Hugo Boss pen.

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Writing Instruments

Make your handwriting a memorable experience with the pens from Hugo Boss. These writing instruments display the result of great engineering and product innovation. Whether your personality reflects the metallic, weighted pens, a rubberized feel or embossed leather - you can sure to find the right writing instrument for you. Don't just pick the first and best pen you see, take some time to mull it over, and find the quality writing companion you deserve.

Pen – Ribbon HSR9064N

The Ribbon plays on the contrast between the soft-touch lacquer and engraved surfaces on a minimal shape. Its innovative soft-touch cap ring, with the prominent logo placement, gives the pen a modern look with a casual twist. The light and perfectly balanced silhouette allow for an optimal writing experience.

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Pen Mechanic Dark Chrome HSS9634D

The Mechanic is inspired by an idea of raw industrial aesthetics, yet the finishings and surface treatments give it a luxurious undertone. The barrels are each separately plated and polished, for a result that is unexpected, elegant and refined. Engrave it with a clients name, and you have one of the greatest high-end business gifts.

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The analog world. Pen meets paper, and it feels great. Your pen is nothing without a notepad where your thoughts can flow freely, or where you can sketch out your next big idea. Forget the world around you, and focus on the indescribable feeling of emptying your thoughts onto crisp, clean paper. The notepads from Hugo Boss are waiting for you to tell their story. What are you thinking about?

Set Essential HPHR807A

The Essential, with its classical appeal, also has a more feminine side, with versions available in an array of vibrant feminine hues; crème, burgundy, grey and navy, and black. The light gold accents lend this collection a refined and timeless elegance. The truly essential luxury everyone wants by their side.

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Notepad A6 Storyline HNM704L

The Notepads and their refined, sharp visual appeal come in a variety of different colors. Pull away the rubber band, open the book, and let your story unfold within these truly beautiful notepads. Paired with a stylish pen, your thoughts will finally have a new home. These make for excellent branded business gifts.

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Do accessories matter? That's like asking if the color of your tie matters - it's silly because you know that it matters. Don't settle when looking to spice up your accessories, your choices are a reflection of your personality. Are you one that values quality, great design, and minimalistic aesthetics? Of course, you are, and likeminded people buy the accessories offered by Hugo Boss. There's a reason why it's so popular.

Folder A5 + Power bank Epitome HDN901A

The Folder and Power Bank combo is a perfect example of functionality meeting elegant design. The epitome black color of this conference folder invites your most important documents in while opening up the possibility of charging your device - your connection to the outside world. A high-end functional gift for the techie.

From € 122,60 - Get a Free Quote

Speaker Epitome HAE901A

The Speaker is more than sound. It's a beautiful, small refined package, designed to look stunning while it plays your favorite tunes when you're hard at work on your next brilliant idea. The epitome black mesh elegantly ripples out the soundwaves of your choice, that is destined to put you in the right mood, every single time it plays.

From € 30,30 - Get a Free Quote


Ready to become the best gift-giver this world has ever seen? Give away a luxurious wine set, a keyring, or perhaps a well-crafted pen. Ask yourself: "How would I feel being on the receiving end of one of these products?", yes - remember that feeling. Your recipients are bound to feel the same way, while the aesthetically pleasing design of Hugo Boss gifts compliments their everyday life. Buy one gift now, and forever be viewed as a person with impeccable taste.

Umbrella Illusion HUN804H

The Umbrella is more than protection from rainy weather. It's a symbol of style. The classical nylon umbrellas with a grey illusionary pattern, come in both compact and full size. The compact umbrella is for you if you are on the go, and the full size suits you better if you just need to stay dry on your way to work, where you can hang it to dry.

From € 28,50 - Get a Free Quote

Wine set Distinct HAW592

The Wine Set is here to make sure you never have to worry about giving a great gift again. Drinking wine is relaxing, and suited for special moments with your dearest friends and family. Every special feeling associated with opening a great bottle of wine has been synthesized into a physical design, the result is this beautiful wine set.

From € 50,90 - Get a Free Quote

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