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Cyber Monday: Hydrate Water Bottle

This receptacle will encourage you to remain hydrated 24/7. You can use it indoors or outdoors; at the office or on a field trip. Your choice! Sustainable and responsible: BPA-FREE!

Save 25%
Cyber Monday: Logan Pen

The king of promotional products: useful, affordable and easy to carry around. It’s an item that you’ll use on a daily basis, and one of IGO’s best sellers. You definitely don’t want to miss out this promotion!

Save 25%
Cyber Monday: PowerCharger 4000 Plus

What is your most used electronic device every day? Probably your smartphone, right? We are not offering you deals on smartphones (yet), but this promotional product will make your experience with them better… or longer, at least.

Save 25%
Cyber Monday: 8GB USB Stick Twist

"Knowledge is power". You might have heard this quote many times. Nowadays "data is knowledge". Therefore, something worth keeping safe. Think of our Thursday deal as your portable safe box for your data.

Save 25%
Cyber Monday: Retro Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Black Friday is finally here!

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