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Have pens printed inexpensively for a daily promotion

Worldwide, pens remain the most popular promotional item. We offer all kinds of pens in various colours and price ranges. If you only have a small budget then you opt for having pens printed inexpensively. That is the reason why they are so popular. Another reason is that pens are easy to distribute. Purchase promotional pens inexpensively and have them printed with your logo, company name or company details. You can easily give away pens with logo at fairs, open days, events or at your company’s reception desk.

Have pens printed inexpensively in small quantities

The more expensive the pen, the smaller the minimum-order quantity. For instance, luxurious brand name pens can be ordered in very small quantities. The cheaper the printed pen, the higher the minimum-order quantity. IGO Promo can print small quantities of pens starting from 300 pieces. Once you start distributing the pens, you will deplete your supply before you know it. After all, everyone wants a free pen. So make sure to print sufficient inexpensive pens. You will never have too many. Pens can always be used in-house or as giveaways.

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