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Your name, logo or brand engraved in a pen: your calling card!

On this page you will find a selection of our collection of pens. These pens are very suitable for engraving. You can quickly find the right pen for your target group and the right pen for the right occasion. Inexpensive, classic, stylish, modern and timeless: you find them in IGO Promo's collection of pens.

  • SilverPoint pen

    SilverPoint pen

    • From: 75 pieces
    • Save up to 54%
    • Material: metal
    From€ 0.91 per unit
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  • Empire pen

    Empire pen

    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 54%
    • Material: aluminium
    From€ 0.52 per unit
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  • Ebony Touch pen

    Ebony Touch pen

    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 57%
    From€ 0.49 per unit
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  • BambooWrite pen

    BambooWrite pen

    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 53%
    • Material: bamboo
    From€ 0.60 per unit
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Engraving pens with utmost precision
At IGO Promo there is an increasingly number of types of pens that can be engraved. In general, we engrave pens made from metal, aluminium or wood. At IGO Promo we engrave your pens with advanced laser engraving machines. If you want to engrave pens, a laser beam engraves your name or logo with the utmost precision and intensive heat into the holder of the pen. The upper layer is removed by the laser. The under-layer becomes visible and this gives the pen a luxurious appearance. The great advantage of engraving on pens is that the laser engraving of a pen does not fade or discolour. As long as the pen is used, your engraved logo or name remains clearly visible. Have your pens engraved at IGO Promo, we guarantee you this is not more expensive than having your pens printed!

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