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A wine cooler is a practical corporate gift. Want to surprise your customer with a classy wine cooler or do you want to add a nice wine cooler to a bottle of wine? Check our wine coolers here:

  • CoolSteel wine coolerBest Price

    CoolSteel wine cooler

    • From: 6 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    • Material: stainless steel
    From€ 9.92 per unit

A wine cooler with a name as a personal gift

Want to surprise your customer with a lovely gift in order to make a good impression? With a nice wine cooler you will certainly make that impression. The CoolSteel wine cooler is made from elegant stainless steel and will quickly earn its deserved spot on the table. Have the wine cooler engraved with your customer’s name. A wine cooler with a name all of a sudden becomes a very personal gift.

Present someone with a wine bottle in a wine cooler with logo

Want to thank a business contact by giving them a bottle of wine? That is always a good idea. Even better is presenting the bottle in a wine cooler with logo. This inexpensive wine cooler will be sure to catch the eye immediately because of the coloured coolant. You can present a great bottle of wine in this wine cooler, as a fun alternative to a wine bag. This way that bottle of wine all of a sudden becomes a gift that will never go unnoticed.

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